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 Who are we?


Our History

A vibrant, waterfront city, Kingston – known to many as the Limestone City — is renowned for its plethora of local businesses that give both locals and visitors alike the opportunity to experience modern living at its finest.

With its many restaurants, unique shopping opportunities, helpful service providers and gorgeous 19th-century limestone buildings, Kingston managed to find a special place in our hearts in 2013, and since then, that love has only continued to grow stronger and stronger.

When ReFINEd Kingston began, we set out to create a platform in which business owners could reach the community through the glossy pages of a highly-anticipated quarterly magazine. It started out as a project, but it quickly became a passion.

There’s nothing we love more than connecting with local business owners to learn about what they do, why they do it, and how their business is changing the way people live in YGK.

In the end, it’s our hope that by highlighting local businesses, our local economy will thrive and business owners will continue to experience success in Kingston, and maybe even beyond.


A little bit about us

Here at ReFINEd Kingston, we like to think of our publication as the owner’s manual to everything that’s uniquely, perfectly “Kingston.”

Whether you’re perusing through our pages to discover the latest and greatest fashion trends to embrace this season, want to make your home renovation project a breeze, are hoping to learn about a new restaurant that just opened its doors downtown, or hope to improve your overall health and wellness, our publication aims to make it easy to discover local businesses that can make it all happen.

We hope it goes without saying, but we’re all about the shop local movement. We love highlighting all of the businesses in the Limestone City, from roofing companies, to spas, to restaurants where you’re guaranteed to find some new favourite dishes. Our advice? Never skip dessert.

Our team may be small, but strength doesn’t always lie in numbers. Instead, we think it lies in passion. That’s exactly what makes us so special; we love what we do. It’s as simple as that.

Each of us – from our publisher, to our creative director, to our editor — are unapologetically passionate about the Limestone City, and everything and everyone it has to offer.

Our magazine is published quarterly, and is available to pick up for free at select locations, check our social media channels for pickup locations.

If you have a special project you need published by a team of professionals (such as a tourism guide, relocation guide, etc.), we’d love to hear from you! Give us a call today.


Meet the TEAM


Cathie Watson

Publisher |


My family arrived in Kingston in 2013 from Saskatchewan. I instantly fell in love with everything that Kingston had to offer: culture, history, food, innovation, art, fashion, water and so much more – I knew we could create a platform to help small business owners reach the community and share their stories and celebrate this amazing community.

ReFINEd Kingston Magazine has evolved into a passion for the amazing people, products and services of our Limestone city. I consider myself so fortunate to get to do what I do for a living, meeting fascinating people with amazing stories to tell and collaborating with those who are standouts in their respective fields.

Much of my business is conducted out in the community, I am always looking to chat with people and learn about things I never knew existed, whether that be an interesting character or a business flying under the radar, so if you happen to see me out and about, please come and introduce yourself to me, lets connect.


Stephen Wild

Art Director |


For Stephen Wild, photography is about perception and interpretation. “It’s about diversity, expression, manipulation, emphasis on colour and light.” Stephen’s portfolio is a record of his passion to explore the visual. With more than 28 years of professional photography behind him, his work is uniquely diverse, spanning everything from blown glass to food to rock stars. Stephen is attracted to individual personalities and how people are expressed through imagery.

From fashion photography to commercial productions, people offer an endless canvas of photographic opportunities. He works with an extensive list of local agencies and clients that cover numerous genres. Stephen’s work has been seen in many regional publications including Kingston Fine Lifestyles magazine, The Kingston Whig-Standard, Queen’s University, Profile Kingston and appeared nationally in The Globe & Mail, Science Daily and The National Post as well as the United Kingdom’s Guitarist Magazine. Books including: Glass Quarterly, Masters of Blown Glass and Todesmarche Revisited an installation by Laura Donefer.


Katrina Geenevasen

Editor |


For Katrina, power lies within the written word.

A creative soul from the time she was just a little girl, Katrina has always loved telling stories; it wasn’t unusual for her parents to find her curled up in a corner with a pencil and notebook. It came as no surprise to anyone when she decided to pursue her passion to become a writer.

After graduating from Carleton University with a bachelor’s degree in English, and following up with a diploma in journalism from Loyalist College, Katrina began her journalism career working at several community newspapers in and around Kingston.

It wasn’t until she landed at ReFINEd Kingston, however, when she began to feel at home.

She’s been with the magazine since the very beginning, and since then, has developed a true love for chatting with the people behind our city’s incredible local businesses and sharing their stories with all of our readers.

She considers herself incredibly lucky to be able to do what she loves on a daily basis, and is forever grateful to Kingstonians for giving her an outlet to explore her passion and creativity.