Flavours of India

Written by Taylor Mitchell

Photography by Stephen Wild


Behind every great business is a visionary, someone who is passionate about their work and dedicated to the customers they serve. The visionary mind behind 1000 Curry, a Kingston-based restaurant specializing in authentic Indian cuisine, is Ben Mukherjee.

Mukherjee has a truly distinguished culinary history. Working for one of the world’s most prestigious hotel chains, alongside top talent in the culinary arts, and even catering Barak Obama’s 2009 inauguration at the White House, there is no denying Mukherjee’s wealth of talent and experience.

With every success, Mukherjee has refined his skills and gained an unparalleled understanding of business and above all, customer service.

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But things weren’t always easy. After arriving in Canada and being laid off twice in less than two years, Mukherjee and his family decided it was time to build their own business from the ground up.

“We started our little takeout place in Gananoque right by the water,” Mukherjee explains. “I had people coming in and asking why I was making gourmet wraps and burgers and not Indian food. I used to get very defensive. But I digested that feeling and said, ‘Okay, this is what my customers want.’ So, we started making Indian food and the next thing you know, there’s a lineup out the door.”

It’s this rare ability to listen and deliver what customers really want that led to the well-deserved success of 1000 Curry. After a few years of operation in Gananoque, Mukherjee expanded his business and opened a second location in Kingston.

For many, the new restaurant’s location by an Esso station off the 401 may come as a surprise. But for Mukherjee, the location is perfect with its abundance of parking space and proximity to the highway.

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“In my experience, people who are traveling don’t really have many dining options to choose from,” says Mukherjee. “There aren’t many places where people can relax, eat good food, have a glass of wine, stretch, and then move on to their final destination.”

Dining at 1000 Curry gives customers the unique feeling of being genuinely appreciated. This sentiment comes from the business’ foundational value of creating meaningful connections through the dishes being served.

“Everything we make on our menu is all 100 per cent custom,” Mukherjee details. “Nothing is pre-made. At the end of the day, people need to connect with their food. And when they do, that’s the ultimate sense of appreciation for a chef.”

“Connection” really is the best term to describe the atmosphere that emits from this spirited establishment. You feel a sense of connection to the caring staff, to the flavourful and personally-crafted dishes, and to the man behind it all, who has worked so tirelessly to deliver exceptional service to every person who enters his restaurant.

“Making good food is not about having the best recipe on the planet, it’s about understanding the person who is eating it.”

For more information on the savoury Indian dishes available at 1000 Curry, please visit the business’ website, Facebook page, or come in and try the food for yourself!

For reservations call 613-507-7423. 


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