Be the Black Sheep

Written by Taylor Mitchell

Photography by Allison Grange


Take a look at your life and ask yourself: are you happy? For many people, happiness is a complex pursuit that takes years to master. Morgan Pierce, life changer and owner of Black Sheep Thinking, has made it his job to help people discover their happiness.


“You go to the gym to work out your body, you go to school to learn, but where do you go to learn how to be emotionally intelligent?” asks Morgan. His answer became the vision behind Black Sheep Thinking, a space where people can learn to develop emotional well-being through mindset training.

Growing up, Morgan faced hardships that have allowed him to connect with many people on their search for happiness. It was only after realizing that being a “black sheep” was his strength that Morgan began to choose happiness.

“As life progressed, I worked hard to achieve things and I started to have success, but I didn’t really feel like I fit in,” he explains. “My mom once said that black sheep have very rare wool, they’re never killed for their meat, and that they live long and luxurious lives. Your mind is your wool.”  

It is the belief of Black Sheep Thinking that anyone can choose happiness and maintain it by thinking differently about the things they go through in life, once given the proper tools, insights, and training to do so.

“A lot of mental health issues are compartmentalized under the same categories such as self-esteem issues, managing the concept of fear, and dealing with past traumas,” Morgan explains. “These themes allow us to customize for our clients what they need to learn for them to grow and achieve the best results.”

In addition to compartmentalizing programs, Black Sheep Thinking believes in supplying specific tools and resources before considering medication. This approach is used to address the root of clients’ issues instead of providing a Band-Aid solution. Morgan’s goal is to “de-medicalize” anxiety and depression, when appropriate, by making people accountable for their own happiness.

Whether you’re looking to choose happiness for the first time, or after losing your way, Black Sheep Thinking can help guide your journey.

Pierce believes that all his experiences have led him to this opportunity to help others. With this exciting new venture, Morgan welcomes anyone who has ever felt like they don’t belong to join the herd and embrace being a black sheep.

“I’m like a gardener,” says Morgan. “I’m planting seeds in people and then I get to watch those flowers bloom and they are different every time. I am literally witnessing happiness.”

To learn more about Black Sheep Thinking, you can visit the official Facebook page and website.


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