KOPI: Kingston’s First Medical Wellness Campus

Written by Kimberley Falk

Photography by Stephen Wild


There’s a gathering of health and wellness leaders here in Kingston expertly bridging the gap between medical professionals to bring you the best care available for all of your healthcare needs.

Dr. Greg Murphy and Dr. Jeff Yach’s vision to provide a space where people can have everything addressed under one roof has come alive, and it’s only the beginning of what the campus will eventually explore.

“Having this multidisciplinary approach to healthcare allows for professionals to communicate about patient care with each other, providing optimum treatment in patient/client care, from mental health to physical health to dietary needs,” says Terry Haynes, founder of the Kingston Mindfulness Centre.

Ultimately, the Kingston Medical and Wellness Campus has a vision to offer every medical and health service that may be needed for people, negating the need to visit a hospital unless due to a medical emergency.

Currently, the campus offers a conglomeration of partners, all with a common purpose top-of-mind: providing a health and wellness centre where every business neighbour is relevant to one another.

 The hope is to sell additional space to other like-minded businesses that have a mutual goal of providing health and wellness-centered products and services.


Kingston Mindfulness Centre at KOPI

Through Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) classes offered at the K M C at KOPI, anyone can benefit. “The programs and workshops offer tools to help with stress and in turn physical, emotional, and mental suffering; no one is immune to suffering,” says Terry.  

Terry works with participants from the age of 12 and up and offers therapeutic mindfulness sessions for both individuals and groups. In each class, participants learn to live in the present moment; the only moment we can control. This is done through practices including sitting, lying down and walking meditation, as well as mindful movement.

It is experiential learning, rather than lecture-style teaching. It allows patients to experience the benefits of turning inward with patience and a non-judgemental attitude, giving them the chance to tap into inner wisdom and potential healing.

This is the first and only mindfulness-dedicated space in Kingston and its surrounding areas and is available for rent.

 JD Physiotherapy

 Jonathan Daniel, president of JD Physiotherapy, has three locations in the Kingston and Napanee areas.

“I’ve been practicing for 12 years now and I can truly say that I was put on this earth to do just that. Physiotherapy is my passion and I am motivated every day I wake up to go to my clinics and help heal those in need,” says Jonathan.

Each location offers fully-private treatment rooms instead of the typical curtains, and has a team dedicated to treating each patient with compassion and respect.

“We feel honoured when someone puts their trust in us to heal them,” says Jonathan.

JD also offers services such as registered massage therapy; pelvic floor treatments; craniosacral therapy; concussion treatments; speech-language pathology treatments for children; child psychology treatments and assessments (coming this fall); and even mental training and imagery services for athletes or chronic pain sufferers.

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With a team of highly-experienced professionals dedicated to a client-centered approach, AJ Venter, certified orthotist, and Martin Robertson and Filip Surca, both certified prosthetists, of V2innovations focus on finding unique solutions for those with mobility or physical vulnerabilities, whether due to amputation, trauma, sports injury, or a specific diagnosis.

“We assess patients, and then design, manufacture and fit a variety of prostheses and orthoses on-site,” they explain.

Emerging technology and engineering has broadened the capabilities of these services, which means each client is offered the best that medical advancement has to offer.

“Our clients always come first. We love to think outside the box. Our focus is to listen to our clients, and then find a way within our scope of practice to help our patients achieve their goals. Sometimes [that goal] is to be mobile enough to do everyday tasks around the house, to go back to work, or even to do circus arts or play volleyball on the national team!”

The Annex Spa

We all deserve a little bit of self-care; our emotional, mental and physical health demand it. Tiffany Brick and Emily Macintosh, registered massage therapists, owners of The Annex Spa, and good friends, are expanding their team into Kingston East.

The full-service spa with a vamped-up menu of offerings provides treatments that coincide with whatever reason guests have for care, all with the great service you’ve come to expect from The Annex.

Therapists treat clients with muscle and joint pain, stress, chronic and acute injuries, as well as those who are expecting a little one. And that’s just the start of the services they offer.

“We have managed to build a really fantastic team with a variety of skills and specialties,” says Emily and Tiffany.

Whatever area needs TLC, from eyelashes to feet, The Annex Spa “strives to provide quality treatments and excellent customer service to our clients. What we do, we do well. Our business continues to grow because we are involved and have a strong desire to contribute to building the community we are in.”

Align Orthotics

Our feet are the foundation of both our body and our life. They are also the most complex, and without the proper care and support, pain may be experienced throughout the rest of the body.

“We want to be more than just providers of orthotic inserts,” say Maclean Graydon and Meghann Brunet, co-owners of Align Orthotics.

 Together, the team offers solutions for foot and lower limb pain through the use of orthotics, 3D gait technology, and compression socks.

 “We see people of all ages experiencing foot and lower limb pain. In particular, military, health care and education workers who are on their feet for long hours,” they note.

With 40 years of combined experience in the assessment and fabrication of orthotics, “we use a mix of traditional manufacturing techniques and modern technology in our assessments, in order to provide customized solutions for our clients,” they note.

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Kopi-Fit Studio and Pur.Simple.Shop

There’s a healthy lifestyle waiting to be found for everyone, and we each have our own way of getting there.

“My goal is to help people achieve their wellness goals through coaching, motivation and encouragement,” says Nancy Lascelle, owner of Kopi-Fit Studio and Pur.Simple.Shop., a retail location that sells Purple Essential skin care products, as well as other locally and Canadian-made organic products and fitness wear.

Kopi-Fit offers many scheduled classes, including yoga and strength training, and also offers one-on-one exercises with clients’ designated goals as the focus. “I believe we need to keep our mind, body and spirit healthy and nourished through exercise, nutrition, education and love.”

KOPI Regenerative

KOPI’s regenerative medicine clinic uses an advanced biological medical process that enables a more anabolic environment (build up) versus a more normal catabolic (break down) one. These regenerative procedures target the osteoarthritic or non-healing process in joints of the body. Most commonly, these joints include the knee, hip, and shoulder, but they also include the small joints of the back.

These osteoarthritic processes, which were usually only symptomatically treated until the joint could be replaced, offers some non-surgical help for those needing it.

Although Health Canada has made Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentrate unavailable in the near future, there are other alternatives, including Platelet Rich Plasma, which offers growth factor and other proteins to create the anabolic, healing environment.

“Our commitment is to provide a multitude of safe options for patients in pain. We are currently working with Health Canada to see what options will be available in the future,” says Terry.

Bridge Nutrition Inc.

“The Kingston area deserves more than fad diets and commercial dieting systems,” says Ryan Stallard, a registered dietician, Bridge Nutrition Inc.’s director, and the only expertly-trained obesity specialist in the community.

“We are the only clinic in the region that use gold standard equipment that can analyze a person's actual metabolism and body composition, genetic influences on weight, as well as identify their personal relationship with food. Using these advanced tools, we are able to create a personalized program, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.”

Another focus of Bridge Nutrition Inc. is anti-aging and expanding the number of healthy years one can live through nutrition and mindfulness.

They are also the first clinic in Canada to implement a new, cutting-edge virtual reality treatment that will accelerate the habit change process in a matter of weeks.

What the Campus’s Businesses Are Saying:

KopiFit: The KOPI campus offers one place with a multitude of services for almost all of your wellness needs and desires.

The Annex: I worked as a therapist with KOPI when I moved back to Canada. Actually, I was with KOPI while we were building The Annex and when we first opened. I think the thing that I loved the most was the concept of a network of healthcare professionals all working to help their patients as a team. With the development of this “wellness campus,” it really is all under one roof and a patient has access to the most comprehensive healthcare approach.

V2innovations: “We loved the idea of a multi-disciplinary campus where a group of professionals can work together to enhance the services provided to patients. Ultimately, patients benefit when care providers work together.”

Align Orthotics: “Having the ability to walk down the hall and have access to experts in multiple health fields can't be overstated.”



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