The Power Authentic Visuals Will Give Your Brand: Kaufmann Photography

Written by Kimberley Falk

Photography by Kauffman Photography


In our fast-moving society, it is often the visual images that are recognized and acknowledged first. Even before our minds register who or what a brand is, we’ve already made a mental judgment — whether good or bad — about them. Differentiating your business from the competition and leaving a lasting, positive impression with your audience is key to building a successful future for your brand.


Are you happy with your current visuals? Do they truly represent your brand and the feelings you want to inspire in prospective clients and customers? 

The visuals of your brand can sometimes be the most tangible part of your business, so ensuring they perfectly represent who you are, as well as your goals and values, is important. 

Lauren Kaufmann’s custom-built, full-service studio has been successfully shooting gorgeous, styled portrait photography in Kingston for the last 12 years. Her ability to dive deep into a person’s soul and bring out personality, creativity and passion has gained her a dedicated following in the community. 


Kaufmann Photography has created a stir in Kingston by expanding its love of fine art portraits and attention to detail into the business world. It takes a unique approach to business images by focusing on the nitty-gritty details about a brand that can be brought out to truly visualize itself properly. 

Lauren’s Business Branding Program focuses on creating eye-catching and consistent visuals for your business. Kauffman Photography will also soon be offering workshops for businesses focused on beginning the visual process.

“Many businesses continue to have a difficult time in creating consistent visuals with purpose to reach their target market,” says Lauren. “We see so many of the same stock images spreading across the Internet. With Kaufmann Photography’s Business Branding program, you’re gaining access to a stockpile of images, all created with purpose and intent specifically for your business.”

Integrating professional, harmonious and unique imagery as part of your business plan and marketing can differentiate your business from the competition, build trust, create authenticity and develop lifelong relationships with your customers. 

“I want to tell a visual story, your brand’s story,” says Lauren. “I get to know what your target market is and what your goals are. We sit down in person with your marketing team and develop clarity and a focus on how to take your brand to the next level.”


“I want to show each business how they can use imagery to stand out — that they can be more.”

Lauren’s team can be as involved as needed with your imagery and branding. Whether you require help building your visual presence from the ground up, or creating image content to align with your annual marketing, Lauren’s extensive photography experience and styling guidance can help your business stand out. Each month you’ll meet with Lauren and her team to develop strategies unique to your business needs and define your marketing goals. 

“Your products and services, workspace and staff are the foundation of your business,” says Lauren. “It’s time to reflect that in your brand’s images. From digital to printed media, desk to website, your business’ brand will evolve and communicate more effectively with your audience and customers.”

Who is Lauren Kaufmann?

Lauren Kaufmann has been devoted to taking authentic, inspiring photographs for decades. Having travelled the world with her camera, Lauren has found images tell a story to her, and she now focuses on developing images that do the same for others. 

By creating a relationship and comfortable setting for her clients, Lauren creates an inspired experience no matter the reason behind the images.

Kaufmann Photography offers a combination of photography services within the community, including fine art and contemporary portraits and luxury studio experiences for women, children and corporations. She loves finding the magic within her clients by capturing memories and moments of happiness, success, love, and courage.

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