Celebrating Summer with Swimwear: How to Flaunt What You Love Most About Your Summer Bod in the Right Bathing Suit

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How to Flaunt What You Love Most About Your Summer Bod in the Right Bathing Suit

The summer season is synonymous with swimwear, but this certainly shouldn’t cause you any undue stress. Finding the right suit for your body can be a challenge, but it shouldn’t be the reason you stay sequestered indoors or avoid lounging poolside. With a multitude of styles available, it’s just a matter of identifying what cut will make you look and feel your best on the beach. This summer’s styles will help you accentuate what you love most about your body, because self-love is always on trend.


Busty Beach Babe

If you’re the kind of girl who likes to show off your girls, or you could use a little extra oomph in the bust department, finding a suitable bikini top should feel akin to bra shopping. If you have a large bosom, make sure that the tag details the cup size instead of just small, medium or large, as you may benefit from the additional underwire reinforcement and proper fit. Thicker straps are also on trend this summer, which is good news if you’re busty and feel more comfortable with the added support. If you’re on the smaller side, you may find bikini bra tops are more flattering with a little extra padding that lifts your breasts. Ruffles, bold prints, and any other embellishments such as rings or buttons will also draw the eye to your perfect pair.

Baywatch Booty

Some of the same rules apply in terms of drawing attention to your derriere if you love your booty and aim to leave a lasting impression as you strut towards the shore. Details such as ruffles, bold prints, and patterns will amplify your behind. If you feel your bum is on the smaller side and you prefer to keep it simple, go with solid white as it has the opposite effect of slimming black. String bikinis, Brazilian style, and high-cut bottoms showcase a little more cheek and create the illusion of a bigger behind. But this may be uncomfortable if you’ve got an ample backside, so instead, choose a bathing suit that has enough coverage to ensure you’re not spending any sunshine time tugging at your bikini line.


Waist No Summertime

Contrary to what you may think, showing off your waist doesn’t necessarily mean you have to wear a barely-there bikini. You can emphasize your curves in a one-piece with patterns and panels that draw the eye inward towards your waist. A pattern or solid in a differentiating colour along the sides of your torso will create an hourglass shape even if you feel your build is more athletic than curvy. You can achieve the same illusion with fabric that gathers at the side or in the middle of your waist or a faux belt that highlights the narrowest part of your body. If, however, you prefer a two-piece vintage-inspired look, try a high-waisted bathing suit bottom that hits you right around the belly button to achieve the same effect. Low rise bikinis and halter tops that lift your bust and show lots of tummy will of course also flaunt your belly.

Legs for Long Summer Days

If you love your legs, summertime is when you get to show them off! When it comes to swimwear, the easiest way to do so is to remember that less is more: less fabric, more leg. Channel your inner 80s Baywatch goddess and choose bathing suits with high-cut bottoms. This will make your legs look that much longer as the line of your leg extends all the way towards your hip bone. Those who are especially daring can also sport string-tie or strap bottoms instead of their full-coverage counterparts.

Take the opportunity this summer to celebrate what you love the most about your body instead of hiding in the shade. Before you begin to shop for swimwear, consider what cut and style will help you feel like your best self on the shore instead of concerning yourself with how you can conceal your curves. The right suit can help you feel confident if you focus on what you love about your summer bod. Every body is a beach body, it’s just a matter of knowing how to dress it. 


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