Mindful Busyness

Written by Cheryl Hiebert Wellness


“Time” has become elusive in our busy lives; just where does it go? With all the so-called modern amenities in our lives, do we truly have more time?

We want, need, and crave free time for ourselves. We want to be healthy and happy.

The reality is that this busyness isn’t likely to change. Perhaps the truth is we aren’t going to do less. What we do need is to learn how to maintain a sense of joy, health and happiness amidst the chaos.

Being mindful can be the first step. But what does it really mean to be mindful?

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Being mindful is the state of being conscious and aware in each precious moment. We acknowledge the present and accept our thoughts, feelings and sensations.

Are you truly present in every activity during the day?

Here are some tips, so you can incorporate mindfulness into your everyday routine:

-Instead of rushing the kids out the door, take a few seconds to connect with a sincere hug. Look them in the eyes and tell them how much they mean to you. This is why you had them in the first place. Enjoy them every minute you can;

-When you are sitting at a red light or waiting in line at the grocery store, take the time to take a few deep breaths, which calms the agitated nervous system from all the rushing around;

-Silently repeat positive affirmations to yourself;

 -Use those seemingly ‘wasted’ periods of time and make the most of them. Those little glimpses of time might be all you get some days, and they might also become a slice of time you relish.

Being mindful is the state of being conscious and aware in each precious moment.

Remember that we do our best knowing that our “best” changes each day depending on what we have to undertake, how tired we are and how well we have taken care of ourselves.

If you find yourself feeling guilty when you take time away from work or family to refresh yourself, let’s reframe it.

How do you feel when you do take the time to do something for yourself? It’s likely you come back refreshed, rejuvenated; your well is full. You can give more when you are filled to the brim. You cannot give from empty.

We simply have to be gentler with ourselves.

Here are a few more ways to take a snippet of time for you and mindfully make the most of moments in life:

Tea time. Sitting with my tea last week, I reflected upon how soothing it is, and all the times tea calls me to brew a cup and sit and relax. I bask in the soothing warmth with hands wrapped around the big mug, steam on my face; being warmed from the inside out.

Take a relaxing bath to soothe the senses. Shut the door, lock it and tell everyone you are off duty. Put your headphones on with soothing music to drown out the inevitable knocking. Relax and breathe.

Have a hearty meal with your entire family, taking the time to look in one another’s eyes, and acknowledge one another’s accomplishments. 

Enjoy five minutes of meditation. Set the timer. Close your eyes and count each breath in awnd out to provide focus.

Try yoga. If you don’t have time for a studio, find an online source, buy a DVD, and have a friend come over once a week to join you.

Take the time to review your dreams and intentions. Have you lost sight of what is important with all your busyness?

 We need the time to fully enjoy the fruits of our labour. Isn’t that why we work so hard? Take the time and the precious spare moments you get each day to stay present.



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