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Debbie Goulding

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As we age, we lose hair in some places and gain it in others— usually where we don’t want it to happen!

Debbie Goulding, Makeup Artist

Debbie Goulding, Makeup Artist

One area in particular for hair loss is our eyebrows – one of the most important features and the first thing someone notices about your face.

Too much plucking and waxing over time can have a negative effect on our brows. The hair tends not to grow back, leaving them too thin and sparse.

Our brows are sisters, not twins. It can therefore be challenging to balance and perfect their appearance. Brows help to frame the face, highlight your best features and give structure to your look. Having beautifully groomed brows can brighten your appearance and give you a lifted and more youthful look.

Poorly shaped brows can make you appear tired, sad, surprised, or angry. No one’s face is symmetrical, but the right brow shape can have an overall balancing effect and helps to complement other features.


Brows help to frame the face, highlight your best features and give structure to your look.


Don’t forget to do the pencil test and measure your brows before you fill them. When your brows are too long, it can give the illusion of looking sad, long in the face, and they can age your look. When the brows are too short, it can give the illusion of a fuller face and feel unbalanced.

Measuring your brows can avoid these negative effects. Want to learn how? Book a lesson and bring a pencil!

Don’t Forget Your Lips!

As we age, our lips thin, and lines can develop around our mouths. If you’re a mature woman, choose a colour that is a shade or two darker than your own natural lip colour. The best way to test this is to apply a colour to one lip and leave the other bare. Find a shade that’s slightly darker than your natural shade. (Tip: dark shades can be aging on some skin tones and make your lips look thinner. Always try before you buy.) If you have fair skin, nudes, pinks and light corals or apricot are most flattering. Women with a medium skin tone can go a bit darker with shades of rose, mauve, and berry. Women with dark skin look great in reds, browns, and even purples. If you have very dark to black skin, deep plums, chocolate or reds are fabulous!

If you wear glasses, bright lipstick colours are stunning. The bold colour balances the heaviness of the frames. (Tip: Tone down your eye makeup and blush if you are going with bold lips. Too much makeup will make you look overdone.)

We all need a good gloss. It can give the effect of “plump” lips. Gloss is wonderful for both day and night, especially in summer when you have a glowing tan. In the evening, apply a small amount over your lips for a pouty, fuller look. (Tip: apply a thin layer of lip balm under your lipstick in winter to add extra moisture. Avoid dark colours, as they will exaggerate dry flakes.)

My go-to product is the BeautycounterTM brand. Please contact me for more information or to book a consultation.


Debbie Goulding Makeup Artist