It’s What’s Inside the Walls that Counts

Written by Kimberley Falk

Photography by Stephen Wild


Looking at your energy bill can be just as frigid as our Ontario winters. You could be losing money as quickly as you’re losing heat. It is never too early to prepare or upgrade your home for the changing seasons.

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Kingston Spray Foam Insulation (KSFI) finished their expansion this past fall to keep up with the growing demand for their business. “Increased staff, additional equipment and our larger commercial location permits us to streamline our services and to bring more to the consumer than we ever have before,” says owner, Jeff Kleinlagel.

Being able to do things in a timelier manner is important to the KSFI team. “When we only had two trucks, it meant it sometimes took five to six weeks in advance to schedule appointments, but now more trucks and more staff mean we can achieve our targets.”

 The Greater Kingston and area population keeps growing because of its ideal location, and that growth isn’t going to stop, says Jeff. “The growth of our company is important for us in order to provide for the increasing growth of the city,” he explains.

Kingston Spray Foam Insulation now has a shipping dock and warehouse space to house more inventory, as well as bays for trucks to be kept inside. This means costs can be kept low, and customers then reap the benefit of savings.  

Spray foam insulation is a polyethylene-based material that has a higher R-value over traditional insulation. It expands into every crack and crevice. An entire wall becomes one solid membrane. You can’t achieve this with any other form of insulation.


The payback also makes a huge difference. Immediately after a job is complete, you can feel the improvement. “I’ve felt it in my own home,” says Jeff. “Manufacturers have sales pitches, but when you experience firsthand the difference that a quality insulation install can make to your home, it’s pretty amazing… ask any of our customers.”

Polarfoam Soya is produced in Canada and is an 18 per cent recycled product. It is suitable for application on all building types. Its installation generates no waste and no job site trash. There is no packaging. The product is sold in liquid form in returnable or recyclable containers. In short, this product is a premium insulation, which is an outstanding barrier resistant to mould/bacteria, water, humidity and rodents. It does not degrade over time, prevents radon gas infiltration and increases a wall’s racking strength by up to 300 per cent. To learn more about any of its products, you’re encouraged to contact one of the knowledgeable team members at KSFI.


By meeting a KSFI staff member, you can see their passion in what they do. “It’s about what we can do to save the average homeowner money on their heating path,” says Jeff. “[We take pride] in what we do to be able to turn a not-so-efficient home into an efficient one, a not-so-comfortable home into a comfortable one, and a cold bedroom into a warm place to sleep. That’s what keeps me going on a daily basis,” says Jeff.

“I am not one to focus on what the competition is doing. I feel that way because we do things differently. Our professionalism, our detailed site visits and our in-depth communication with our clients is unparalleled. From our initial site visit to the installation of the final product, it’s different. I feel that’s what sets us apart from the rest.”


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