Meet Still Young

Written by Taylor Mitchell

Photos Provided by Still Young


How do two Kingston-born musicians become internationally-recognized electronic dance music (EDM) stars? For local EDM duo Still Young, the journey has been anything but conventional.


Rising to fame with their debut solo track “Midnight” in 2014, followed by two hit remixes, Still Young proved they have the talent and motivation to succeed. Drawing inspiration from artists such as Daft Punk, Alan Braxe, Swedish House Mafia, and many more, Still Young has made a name for themselves amongst these EDM greats.

“The reality is that we have never seen ourselves as "stars" or ever worried too much about the limelight.  We were always more concerned about the quality of our music and creating something that we were proud of. The fan base and the opportunities that have arisen as a result of that have been an amazing surprise,” say the pair. “The journey itself began as a result of a constant obsession with house music and a quest for personal and artistic freedom.”

This talented duo has caught the attention of several industry pros, collaborating with some of the biggest names in EDM, including Michael Brun, Kryder, Simon De Jano & Madwill, and Tom Staar. Perhaps one of Still Young’s proudest moments, besides playing in front of more than 30,000 people at EDP Festival Portugal, is attracting the attention of Swedish DJ, producer and record label owner Steve Angello.

“[One of the defining moments in our career has been] working together on some amazing music projects with one-third of Swedish House Mafia boss, Steve Angello,” explain the DJs. “The knowledge and wisdom gained from working hand-in-hand with him and his camp are priceless!”

With all their successes, the duo still faces challenges when it comes to balancing both their personal and professional lives. However, it is by overcoming these challenges that the musicians have found their drive to succeed.

“The challenges we faced are typical; late nights, personal sacrifices, rejection,” the pair reveals. “The rough times oddly enough made us made us stronger and more committed. They have allowed us to focus on achieving our original goal – to continue to create music that genuinely inspire others.”

Still Young has inspired countless listeners, receiving millions of plays on Spotify and Soundcloud. Their music is inspiring others just as dance music inspired them growing up.

“It’s safe to both say music is in our blood. Dance music for us is something refreshing and cool and very exclusive, which we felt fit our personalities well,” Still Young explains. “It can be combined with all sorts of music today and still feel totally new and exciting.”

Still Young is evolving continuously to create new and exciting hits. Their immense success and experience within the industry have allowed them to become more confident as musical creators and innovators.

“Like anything else, our personal experiences have helped to shape our music. In the early days, we would head into the studio just to jam out and see what resulted,” say the DJs. “Now, we have a much better sense of what we want to achieve and the ultimate end product. We still definitely experiment with combining different genres and I think that gives our music a unique sound. Music itself is also constantly evolving and you have to be able to adapt to the change.”

These two rising EDM performers originate from the musical hub of Kingston, Ontario, which also produced legends such as Brian Adams and The Tragically Hip. While their identities remain a mystery to fans, they believe keeping a low profile is helping them connect with their music and their audience in a more meaningful way.

“The reality for us behind [our anonymity] isn't about hiding from people,” say the pair. “It's about the bigger picture, the music, and not having to live behind an everyday filter or mask for attention.”

This small-city duo is creating world-wide buzz for their innovative and continuously evolving EDM vision. Still Young is an exceptional example of local talent, which is still drawing in massive crowds, still creating chart-topping hits and still pushing the boundaries of electronic dance music.

“We would do this for free, we would do this for the true love of music and seeing how it can touch other people,” says the pair. “Still Young reflects a lifestyle of confidence. It about being true to yourself with no concern about anything outside of that — just keeping things as real as possible.”

So what’s next for Still Young? The duo just returned from two large shows in Mexico and is currently working on some exciting new projects, creating music and planning more shows for the upcoming year. Check out their latest track “White Label” with Bob Marley available now on SoundCloud. To learn more about Still Young and their upcoming music and tour dates, check out their website and follow them on Facebook and Instagram (@StillYoungmusic).