A Contemporary Twist on Flavour

Written by Taylor Mitchell

Photography by Stephen Wild


If you’re on the hunt for a unique and meaningful dining experience, look no further than Mesa Fresca. Located in the west end of Kingston, this vibrant and independent restaurant delivers a contemporary twist on traditional Mexican and Latin cuisine.

Opening a Mexican-inspired restaurant may not seem like the most obvious culinary choice, but for local owners Andrew and Alison Scahill, along with Mitch Leger, the decision was made without hesitation. With a combined experience of more than 50 years in the industry that spans numerous provinces, these three visionaries have managed to build a business that complements the city in every possible way.

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“It really came naturally for us to open up this sort of style of restaurant,” the owners explain.  “We would try different recipes and dishes at large dinner parties with family and friends at the cottage and knew we could bring our own style of Mexican and Latin fusion to an already fantastic restaurant scene.”

What makes Mesa Fresca stand out is the sense of community that radiates throughout the space. From the moment you walk through the restaurant’s doors, it is apparent the owners have put their sincere passion into every single detail. 

“We always say that if we as owner-operators are going to spend a lot of time here, we want to create something fun and really enjoy coming to work every day,” Andrew explains. “I think that ideology comes through to our customers. That and our hot sauce wall!”

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The lively surroundings are merely one feature that enhance the flavour of every dish on the menu. Dedicated to working with local suppliers, Mesa Fresca is creating a community in more ways than one.

“Utilizing the best that Kingston — and for that matter, Ontario — has to offer, has always been a mandate for us,” Andrew describes. “Not only are the ingredients fantastic, but by using local suppliers, we help to sustain a thriving community, and to ensure the products that we bring to our customers' table areas the best products we can possibly put out.”

Sitting within this spirited establishment, it is clear Mesa Fresca has been a labour of love and intense devotion. It is much more than just a business; it is a community space where you can enjoy layers of fresh flavours, laugh with friends, and relax while sipping on a margarita. 

This is the true magic of Mesa Fresca. This is where the restaurant comes to life.

“There really are two great things about owning a restaurant,” the owners reveal. “The first is the ability to deliver a product that you love to your customers.  The second is the daily interaction with those customers! No two days are the same and we love it that way! That, and tequila!”

Visit the Mesa Fresca website and Facebook page for more information and to discover the delicious dishes on their “inauthentically authentic” menu.

For reservations, please call 613-389-6372.


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