PROUD to Support the Community: Shorelines Casino Thousand Islands

Written by Kimberley Falk


Together with their more than 270 team members, Shorelines Casino Thousand Islands is an active community citizen and is focused on supporting the community. 

“The PROUD statement is: ‘Proud of our people, our business and our community. That is exactly what it makes you feel – proud,’” says Kim Lackie, marketing and sponsorship manager and member of the PROUD program.

In 2016, OLG Casino Thousand Islands transitioned to Great Canadian Gaming, and with this change in leadership, Shorelines Casino brought with it PROUD, a Great Canadian Gaming program. PROUD is a unique initiative that promotes community involvement among its employees.  

With a group of employees dedicated to planning events and managing the program, there are many more volunteering their time within the surrounding community to represent the casino, including Kim. And every team member is proud to be part of an amazing initiative. 

“Every time we volunteer, I am taught something new,” she says. “Everyone has a story and acknowledging individual circumstances with respect and understanding makes for a more fulfilling experience. I’ve also learned that small changes can have a big impact.”

Having a strong community is important for any business, but to Shorelines, it’s more about ensuring the community is healthy and happy. “Doing what we do brings a deep appreciation for what we have and is a firm reminder of what matters – family, friends, and health,” says Kim.


How is the PROUD program making a difference?

Each employee is eligible to receive up to $500 dollars for a charity of their choice by meeting certain criteria, such as for every 40 hours they volunteer. “It takes the feeling of giving back to a higher level,” says Kim. 

Currently, Shorelines casino supports Victims Services of Leeds and Grenville as their PROUD challenge. The PROUD challenge is a specific charity that each location under the Great Canadian Gaming umbrella focuses on each year. 

And yet, their outreach extends far beyond just one charity. The PROUD program at Shorelines Casino supports a number of non-profits in the surrounding area. 

“So very thankful for Shorelines Casino Thousand Islands, in particular, their PROUD committee. What a fantastic group of people. A much-needed donation, which includes the proceeds from the gala in October! (Seriously, you need to go to that next year, so much fun.) Send them some love, peeps!”

- Victim Services of Leeds and Grenville

Being active in the community has become an important part of being a member of the Shorelines Casino family. “Our employees are amazing. We have staff volunteering their time for Meals on Wheels, multiple coaches for youth programs, Big Brothers and Sisters, and the Angel Tree Foundation, to name a few,” says Kim.   

Shorelines Casino is also the main sponsor for the Annual Business Awards of the 1000 Islands and the Gananoque Chamber of Commerce. It’s also proud to present the Shorelines Casino Humanitarian of the Year award. This award recognizes a member of the community who enriches and improves the lives of others, in high esteem.

4_Adopt A Road Cleanup.jpg
3_Joel Stone Park Shoreline Clean Up.jpg

Another recent contribution that the program has made includes raising more than $7,500 for the Gananoque Humane Society. 

“A GIGANTIC THANK YOU TO SHORELINES CASINO 1000 ISLANDS FOR THEIR KINDNESS AND GENEROSITY! Thank you to the PROUD COMMITTEE for another cheque in support of our all-volunteer run, no-kill animal shelter! GDHS and all of our volunteers and animals want to extend to all of you our most sincere thanks and appreciation for your efforts!”

 - The Gananoque Humane Society.

The impact Shorelines has made on Gananoque and the surrounding areas, including Kingston, extends what can fit in one article. 

“We are so lucky to live where we do – it is the most beautiful place in the world, and to be able to give back and be a positive, supportive member of the community is so important,” says Kim.

Every summer, Shorelines has many seasonal employment opportunities to meet the demand of the tourist season. By keeping jobs as well as a significant amount of their revenue local, Gananoque and the Township of Leeds and Grenville can continue to thrive. 

6_Cheque Presentation to Humane Society.JPG

How can PROUD and Shorelines Casino Thousand Islands help your organization or fundraising efforts?

“While we are employees of Shorelines Casino Thousand Islands, the PROUD committee is employee volunteer-based. We are here to provide meaningful support to our local communities. Our employees are engaged and want to make a real difference,” says Kim, “so reach out to us and if there is a way we can help your charity or organization make an impact, we would love to help.”


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